Coast To Coast : Rules

  1. The game will be played at a time between 0730-0830 each day from Monday 14th October to Friday 18th October 2013 inclusive.
  2. Entry is via the form published on towerfm.co.uk ONLY.
  3. Contestants will be chosen on the day before their round. Each day the total entries received will be numbered, we will choose a number via random.org and the corresponding contestant will be contacted and invited on air.
  4. If, after three attempts to contact the elected contestant, they cannot be reached they will be put back into the draw and we will go through the process again until a contestant is found
  5. All data used for questions has been taken from maps featured on Google Earth.
  6. Two contestants will come to air each day.
  7. Each contestant will be given a list of geographical features (cities, towns, monuments, etc…) in the United States of America. They will be asked to answer "East” or "West” depending on which part of the USA they think those features lie on.
  8. The contestant who answers the most correctly in 30 seconds wins the daily prize.
  9. Contestants will be asked a question off air which will take the form of a "nearest wins” so that in the result of a tie the nearest to THAT answer will win.
  10. Contestants may only enter once.
  11. The judge’s decision is final. 
  12. These rules apply concurrently with Tower FM’s general terms and conditions. These are available at http://www.towerfm.co.uk/info/competition -rules/

  1. There is a daily prize of a table for 4 at the VIP night at Coast To Coast Restaurant on the Middlebrook Complex in Horwich on Thursday 24th October.
  2. The winners will be sent an invitation by post which they MUST RSVP to on receipt.
  3. If the winner fails to follow the instructions provided no other prize will be offered.