The £1000 Mix

It's your chance to win £1000 with MetroCars of Bolton

Keep listening to Tower FM as these 3 songs could win you cash.

Here's How It Works

Keep listening and as soon as you hear these 3 songs in full and in this exact order then call us on 0333 900 1074 and the cash could be yours with MetroCars of Bolton

Ed Sheeran - Castle on the Hill

Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes - I've Had the Time of My Life

Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World)

It could happen at anytime so make sure you keep listening to Tower FM and save 0333 900 1074 to your phone.

Tower Fm's £1000 Mix, with 52 00 00 Metro Cars - now with over 600 drivers and 75% of fares collected within 5 minutes

Ways to Listen

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