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Every morning at 7.40am Jon looks at the Top Trends of the morning! The biggest things trending on Facebook, Twitter and at towerfm.co.uk. What is everyone talking about on social media this morning? Check out the latest Top Trends below.

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#Wigan - Wigan Athletic ended Manchester City's hopes of a clean sweep of trophies with a stunning upset in their FA Cup fifth-round tie. Elsewhere in Sport - Bury lost 2-0 against Blackburn last night. Tonight Bolton host Sunderland at the Macron - FMC on Tower FM Midweek Sport tonight from 7.

#LiamPayne and #CherylCole - Liam Payne realised his relationship with Cheryl was 'doomed' when she declined his wedding advances.

#KFCCrisis - the dreaded chicken shortage continues! KFC staff are working around the "cluck" but still - there is no chicken thanks to a delivery problem. Loads of stores are still shut including the one at the Valley in Bolton. I have never wanted a KFC more now I know there's a drought on chicken. I think it’s some very clever marketing ploy to get all us wanting KFC!

#HilariousFilms -

  • Lilo in  stitches
  • Ha Ha Land
  • Laughy come home

Most shared stories:

A man was left stunned after finding a shark in his back garden when it fell from the sky while he made a cup of tea. James Hill was in the kitchen when dad Colin alerted him to the two-foot long small-spotted catshark at lunchtime on Thursday.

And finally... A pilot was forced to make an emergency landing after a row caused by a passenger who refused to stop breaking wind. The passenger kept "letting one off" on board a flight from Dubai to Amsterdam last weekend. The two Dutchmen sitting next to him didn’t take very well to his flatulence, but the unashamed man was apparently not put off and refused to hold back. (I blame the Airline food…goes right through you!)

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Stu Haycock playing Katy Perry - Dark Horse