Top Trends

Every morning at 7.40am Jon looks at the Top Trends of the morning! The biggest things trending on Facebook, Twitter and at towerfm.co.uk. What is everyone talking about on social media this morning? Check out the latest Top Trends below.

The top hashtags of the day…

Video footage of Theresa May getting locked in her car as Angela Merkel awkwardly waits for her has gone viral. She's not having a great week is she?

#BuryFC have announced a new owner as Stewart Day steps down - Businessman Steve Dale will take over ownership of The Shakers, as the club admits its relegation from League One has caused cash flow problems.

#JenniferAniston had discussed the prospect of a Friends revival, and she says it's the boys that have stopped the reunion happening before now.

#DinnerPartyTrivia - people are sharing top facts to wow guests with during dinner party small-talk...

  • "The QWERTY keyboard is not the most optimal for typing English. In fact it is deliberately designed to slow us down because old typewriters couldn't manage greater speed"

  • "Chic wrote “Le Freak” after being denied entrance to the infamous Studio 54 in NYC. The club was playing their music but that wasn’t enough to get in"

And finally.... This has gone viral today - A handyman has confessed to scouring the roads for dead animals after revealing he and his girlfriend will serve a Christmas dinner made entirely from roadkill. He's already collected nearly 50 fresh animal corpses from roads near his home where he butchers the meat himself. They'll serve their‘roast venison a la roadkill’ menu to their family and friends, which includes deer, pheasant, rabbits and badgers.