Breakfast Headline

Each morning at 6.50am Jon has a Breakfast Headline for you. He'll read out a news headline and you need to fill in the blank with your funny and amusing answers! Your answers are always so much more fun than the actual answer. Here you can see our latest headline...

Weds 20th Feb > "Q: 1 in 10 people have lied about _________ just to impress their co-

Best answer of the day - "popping to the gym on the lunch-break when really they're down at the


Tues 19th Feb > "Q: Teacher outraged after child says he didn’t do this homework because ___________ ?"

Best answer of the day - "He's a vegan and was too upset that Greggs had sold out of Vegan sausage rolls"


Mon 18th Feb > "Q: Shock after survey reveals that 11% of people think it’s OK to ___________ on a first date?"

Best answer of the day - "Facebook live stream the awkwardness"

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