Breakfast Headline

Each morning at 6.50am Jon has a Breakfast Headline for you. He'll read out a news headline and you need to fill in the blank with your funny and amusing answers! Your answers are always so much more fun than the actual answer. Here you can see our latest headline...

Fri 3rd July > "This weekend 1.5 million people are expected to ______________ when they wouldn’t normally."

Best answer of the day - "Book a night in a Travelodge in Bolton and call it a holiday."

Thurs 2nd July > "After searching for 12 years, woman finally finds ______________."

Best answer of the day - "A face mask that smells of KFC but doesn't contain any calories"


Weds 1st July > "18% of people admit they would ______________ if they could get away with it."

Best answer of the day - "Rob a bank & go & live abroad in glorious sunshine lying on a white sandy beach with the waves gently rolling in. Oh & have a cocktail in hand"

Tues 30th June > "Since the football restarted, 53% of adults have ______________."

Best answer of the day - "Had something else to talk about, instead of the virus and the weather."


Mon 29th June > "10% of adults have had to ______________ just to get some peace & quiet whilst working from home."

Best answer of the day - "Send him out on an ‘emergency’ supermarket run (at peak queue time)."

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