Breakfast Headline

Each morning at 6.50am Jon has a Breakfast Headline for you. He'll read out a news headline and you need to fill in the blank with your funny and amusing answers! Your answers are always so much more fun than the actual answer. Here you can see our latest headline...

Thurs 16th Aug > "Q: Doctors reveal that dieting is more successful if you _________?"

Best answer of the day - "convince yourself that having a childrens Happy meal from maccy d's is good for
you as its smaller"


Weds 15th Aug > "Q: Man leaves passive aggressive note for someone asking him not to _________ because it lowers the tone of the area?"

Best answer of the day - "Have an Iceland home delivery"


Tues 14th Aug > "Q: New study reveals that the average person will realise that their partner is ‘the one’ when they _________ ?"

Best answer of the day - "See their Efit photo on crime watch"


Mon 13th Aug > "Q:  Shock after pensioner celebrates his 100th birthday by _________ ?"

Best answer of the day - "signing up for the new series of Love Island"