Breakfast Headline

Each morning at 6.50am Jon has a Breakfast Headline for you. He'll read out a news headline and you need to fill in the blank with your funny and amusing answers! Your answers are always so much more fun than the actual answer. Here you can see our latest headline...

Fri 23rd Aug >"Q: 1 in 4 people live a happier life if they ________ at least 3 times per week?"

Best answer of the day - "Don't check their bank balance and live in happy denial"

Thurs 22nd Aug > "18% of drivers keep ________ in their car in case of an emergency?"

Best answer of the day - "a rubber dinghy for all the rain we've had"


Weds 21st Aug > "Study finds that the most annoying thing someone can do whilst watching TV with their family is ________ ?"

Best answer of the day - "turn off all the TVs off in the shop window at a crucial moment in the show. Another family day out ruined."

Tues 20th Aug > "Tourists shocked and popular beach closed after someone ________ ."

Best answer of the day - "With a huge nose had a fight with a crocodile over some sausages then was later arrested for hitting a baby over the head with a stick. He was led away by a policeman shouting “That's the way to do it”"


Mon 19th Aug > "Woman outraged after her Dad leaves her _____________ in his will?"

Best answer of the day - "a note reminding her to not to put the heating on and to shut that door because she wasn't born in a barn"

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