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The latest reaction and news from the Bolton Wanderers and the high court proceedings

** 1200pm

That concludes the coverage today. Tune in to Tower FM for reaction throughout the day.

** 1135am

The Whites Hotel has also been given a Notice of Intention to appoint an administrator and they too will be back in court on May 22.

** 1130am

No Bolton representative at the hearing with the judge saying that is strange.

Creditors are calling for administration.

Judge has issued a 14 day adjournment to await the appointment of an administrator.

** 1125am

Bolton up next!

** 1105am

Admin will mean a 12 point deduction in League 1 and a transfer embargo.

Even more important now that we can retain as many players as possible once this whole sorry affair is sorted out.

** 1100am

Bolton's case is expected in the next five minutes.

It's all well and good Ken Anderson wanting to take the club in to administration but the court need to agree.

If it is admin we now need to know if the court agree and what the time frame will be.

** 1040am

Bolton owner Ken Anderson says he'll take the club in to administration. He's also apologised to staff at the club after the deal with Laurence Bassini fell through.

** 1035am

The session has begun. We're expecting Bolton's case to be heard around 11am.

** 1020am

A miserable day in London outside the High Court. Let's hope it's not a sign of things to come for Bolton Wanderers.

Live picture taken by Ian from the Lion Of Vienna. We'll be chatting to him on Tower FM later.

** 1015am

Some of your tweets:


** 1010am

There's still no official word from Eddie Davies's trust, owner Ken Anderson or an administrator.

So that points to this now heading to court room and the decisions being made there.

** 0930am

Fans from other clubs are thinking of Wanderers supporters today.

** 0915am

Barrister Hilary Stonefrost will be representing the club in court again.

Here is a little about the woman tasked with saving Wanderers:

A graduate of The London School of Economics and Political Science and boasting a Postgraduate Diploma in Law from City University London, Ms Stonefrost made a career with the Bank of England and then the British Bankers' Association, before establishing herself as a specialist in domestic and cross-border insolvency, restructuring and company law with South Square.

Having been instructed in a number of major insolvencies for companies including Olympia & York and BCCI, Ms Stonefrost has also gone on to act in cases for clubs such as Crystal Palace, Bournemouth, Coventry City.

** 0900am

An expert has summed up today's court hearing for Bolton Wanderers here;

"It’s simple inability to pay debts that brings Wanderers to court on the back of a standard HMRC petition, just and equitable isn’t relevant here, there’s no shareholder/director dispute.

Fact is the club will present their best case for adjournment and the judge will decide - it’s really that simple."

It's worth following Jamie here

** 0830am

If Wanderers do go into administration then the frozen bank accounts should be able to be accessed meaning players and staff wages could be paid.

** 0820am

Yesterday Tower FM reported that Bolton boss Phil Parkinson won't be making any decisions on his future until the outcome of today's court hearing.

He wants to take his time to decide where his future will be.

Parky says he'll be keeping his fingers crossed for this great club.

** 0800am

We'll be chatting to Ian Firth on Tower FM who will be in court once we have a verdict.

It might be worth following the Lion Of Vienna Suite on Twitter who will also be in court.

** 0725am

It appears the former Watford owner Laurence Bassini has given up his bid to buy the club.

Speaking to Sky Sports he said; "I have tried to have conversations with HMRC and others in an attempt to prevent tomorrow's court proceedings going ahead and risking the club's future. Ken Anderson is not sticking to the agreed deal and my hands are tied as a result, it's very frustrating, I am trying to save this club but it looks increasingly like administration will happen."

** 0720am

The crowdfunding page set up by Bolton Wanderers Supporters' Trust has raised over £13,000.


** 0715am

Today Bolton Wanderers, a founder member of the football league, could go out of business.

The club are in the high court facing a winding up petition brought by Creditors including HMRC and sportswear firm Macron.

We're expecting the hearing to start around 10.30am and for Bolton's case to be heard between 11am and 1130am.

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