Single Use Plastics: We Talk To Local Campaigners And Businesses As Week Of Coverage Comes To A Close

As our week of coverage on single use plastics comes to an end we've been speaking to campaigners and local businesses who are trying to make a difference.

On Monday we spoke to the environment agency about what happens when plastic makes it's way into waterways and we're now ending our week long investigation by speaking to people who are trying to make sure it never gets there.

The plastic free Ramsbottom campaign was launched last year and hopes to make the town the first place in Greater Manchester to be officially accredited as plastic free.

In order for that to be achieved it's not only households who have to cut down but businesses who are being encouraged to cut out single use plastics like straws and cups.

Laura Chepner used to run a restaurant on the high street and now works with schools who want to educate pupils about the environment.

"If businesses in the town club together and come up with a list of the best companies where they can bulk by in there's going to be lots of opportunities" Laura told us.

"All we expect as a minimum is for businesses to swap out three objects they use which are single use plastic for a sustainable option."

Earlier this year Bury Council threw their weight behind the campaign and pledged to make themselves plastic free by 2022.

Shiyin Gu opened Tea Atelier in Ramsbottom last year and has already got involved in the campaign.

"All the drinks bottles we use are glass or aluminium, we don't have any plastic bottles" Gu told us.

"For things that we get from suppliers we tend to avoid plastic wrappings and get loose vegetables and fruit.

"Sometimes it might cost a little bit more but in the long run it's less damaging to the environment"


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