Secret Hillsborough Files Leaked

Secret Hillsborough files have been leaked saying an officer with Merseyside police said drunk Liverpool fans are to blame for the Hillsborough tragedy.

The BBC's seen documents recording letters sent to then Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher days after the disaster in 1989, from the former chief constable of Merseyside police.

He quotes another, unnamed officer telling him "he was deeply ashamed to say it was drunken Liverpool fans who had caused it, just as they had caused the deaths at Heysel". 39 fans died there and hundreds were injured in the Europeancup final between the reds and Juventus in Brussell, four years before Hillsborough.

As yet no briefings from South Yorkshire Police have been leaked.

All of the files, of which there are thousands, are set to be released to the families of the 96 later this year.

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