Ramsbottom Declared Plastic Free

The town has been campaigning to be the first place in Greater Manchester to go plastic free since 2018.

Residents, businesses and environmental groups all teamed up to make the campaign a success - a plastic free shop was even introduced!

Now, the town is the first in Greater Manchester to be declared as a 'plastic free community' by Surfers Against Sewage who are leading the campaign across the UK.

Laura Chepner from Plastic Free Rammy is thrilled with the news: "We're really proud of what we've managed to achieve here.

"The fact that we in our small town have got plastic free status means we can go further afield and get the whole borough of Bury involved, which is amazing"

Laura hopes this is just the start of bigger things to come: "Of course it doesn't mean that you're going to drive into Ramsbottom and there won't be a single piece of plastic anywhere, because that's realistically unachievable at the moment.

"But, it does mean when you go into a business or you're walking round town or you're attending a festival it does mean there will be a reduction in the single-use plastic being used."


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