Qureshi calls for Action Against "Punish a Muslim Day"

Yasmin Qureshi has hit out at the government for not being vocal enough about tackling hate crime against Muslim's 

Bolton South East MP  asked an urgent question in the house of commons after several pictures of leaflets appeared online which call for people to take part in 'Punish A Muslim day' next month.

The letter calling for attacks on Muslim is just the latest example of rising Islamaphobia and deplorable hate crimes in this country. In my UQ to the Minister I called on the Govt. to do more to tackle such incitement to violence and help prevent the growth of such extreme views pic.twitter.com/dVr3ZVusol

— Yasmin Qureshi (@YasminQureshiMP) March 12, 2018

Leaflets have been sent to people in the London the Midlands and Yorkshire.

I’m shocked to learn that extremist cowards are distributing anonymous letters encouraging people to attack Muslims. If you receive one of these letters, inform the Police and read the advice here: https://t.co/evAQ929HJM https://t.co/jGkogXEua3

— Yasmin Qureshi (@YasminQureshiMP) March 10, 2018

In the Common Gormenmet mininster Victoria Atkins said "May I make it clear that this Government want to give a strong message of support to Muslim people across the UK that we are committed to their safety and security? I say to anyone who has received this letter, or a similar communication, please contact the police, where you will be treated with utmost seriousness and action will be taken.

" The issue of anti-Muslim and far right extremism is of course a focus for the Government. As she knows, the Prevent strategy tackles extremism. It does not tackle Muslim extremism in and of itself; it tackles extremism, full stop. Sadly, more than a quarter of referrals in the Prevent strategy in 2015-16 concerned far right extremism. So this Government, and in particular this Prime Minister, with all the experience she brings to her position following her time in the Home Office, are focused on tackling extremism and radicalisation and how they affect any part of our community. That is precisely why we are refreshing the hate crime action plan this year."


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