Plans Revealed To Expand Logistics North

Thursday, February 28th, 2019 9:59am

By Joseph Timan - Local Democracy Reporter

A major industrial site is due to continue expanding as the latest plan for a new warehouse is revealed.

An application to build another unit at Logistics North has been submitted to the council.

Initial plans were approved for the whole 102 hectare site in Over Hulton five years ago.

Since then, the masterplan which was drawn up in 2014 has evolved to respond to market demand.

This has resulted in a single large unit scheme being replaced with a “more flexible” mix of smaller units.

The application states: “Since the submission of the outline planning application, the market for B8 units has changed and therefore the configuration of the plot has subsequently been altered to a more flexible multi-unit scheme that will be more market facing than a single unit plot.”

Planning officers will decide the outcome of the application.

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