New Twist In Bassini/Bolton Wanderers Saga

Laurence Bassini claims he's been given 25 million pounds to buy the club with West Ham owner David Sullivan acting as the benefactor.

Businessman Laurence Bassini has made claims that he been given 25 million pounds to buy Bolton Wanderers.

He says current West Ham owner David Sullivan is acting as the benefactor.

Speaking exclusively to talkSPORT host Jim White on Friday, Bassini claim: “Dave Sullivan, who I’ve known since I was a child, called me and said, ‘look Laurence, you’re going to need some help because you’re getting slaughtered out there’.

“He then says, ‘I’m going to give you the money so you can go and do this. I’m going to give you £25million so you can sort yourself out’ – which he’s done.

“I’ve got seven or eight of my own which is available.

“He spoke to Simon Jordan – and Simon was shocked that he’d done it.

“[Sullivan] said, ‘he needs the help because nobody is believing it and it’s looked pretty bad’.”

Jim then interrupted to ask whether Bassini would confirm he has bid around £28million for Bolton, with Sullivan’s assistance.

“Yes,” he replied.

“They are saying, ‘no, we’ve got a preferred bidder’, but we are the better choice because: A, we’re footballing people, and B, financially we’ll stabilise the club.”

When asked what Sullivan will get out the deal, Bassini continued: “Me and David are doing quite a lot of property at the moment.

“The [Bolton] stadium needs a refurb, the hotel [within the stadium] needs sorting, the training ground needs sorting… there are a lot of things that need sorting out.”

In a statement, the club said

"We note with dismay the interview given by Laurence Bassini to TalkSPORT this morning. 

The simple fact is, for several reasons, Mr Bassini was not the successful bidder under the process we have carried out to sell Bolton Wanderers.

His bid was not the best for the club. Moreover, he was not able to satisfy either the proof or source of funding to the satisfaction of the process or within the proscribed timeframe. That remains the case.

Subsequently, Mr Bassini has sent a vast number of erratic and threatening emails and text messages, as well as making threatening calls, to the point where we have instructed lawyers to deal with them. 

We will be making no further comment about Mr Bassini or his claims."

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