New Report Finds There Is Still A Huge Gap Between The North And The South Of England

A think thank has released a new report that shows that the historic North South divide is actually widening.

IPPR North have released their finding's today that show when it comes to spending on things like transport and police the North is some way behind Southern regions.

The reports states that since 2009/10 total public spending in the North has fallen by £6.3 billion in real terms– more than any other region, while the south east and south west together received a £3.2 billion rise in public spending during this period.

The report has prompted Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham to call for more investment an devolution of powers from central government.

“This Government promised us a Northern Powerhouse and Northern Leaders stand ready to work with them to close the North - South divide which pervades right across public spending, poverty rates and life expectancy." Mr Burnham told us.

"“But, almost five years after the Government promised us a Northern Powerhouse, we learn that public spending in the North has fallen while rising in the South.  This has got to stop and it is time that the North came to the front of the queue for public investment."

Report author Luke Raikes and Senior Research Fellow at IPPR North said: "The Government is so consumed by Westminster’s Brexit chaos that it has deprioritised the Northern Powerhouse agenda at the very time it is needed most. This cannot continue.

“All our regional economies face severe challenges– including London’s. Brexit threatens to make this much worse and the Northern Powerhouse agenda is the best chance we have of fixing this national economic crisis. In the national interest, the North needs to thrive.

“The best way to take this important agenda forward is for the North to take the lead. The next phase of the Northern Powerhouse must be of the North, by the North, for the North”.


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