Greater Manchester’s First Plastic Free Shop Opens This Saturday

On Saturday 1 September at 11am, ‘Plentiful’ Greater Manchester’s first plastic free shop will open its doors in Ramsbottom, Bury. Mayor Andy Burnham and MP James Frith have been invited for the official opening.

‘Plentiful’ will stock a huge range of food staples - such as rice, pasta, chocolate, nuts, spices & cereal without any packaging. There will also be a range of cleaning product refills. Customers can bring their own container for any item, take paper bags or purchase storage jars. Alongside the ‘weigh and pay’ approach there are also plastic free and sustainable items to help Greater Manchester live low waste and reduce plastic use - for example shampoo bars, bamboo toothbrushes, metal straws and even plastic free deodorant. 

Founder, Abbie Sellers said, “the time to act is now. We are putting pressure on the planet at an alarming rate. The most plastic polluted river bed in the world is in Greater Manchester, yet we still see single use plastics being used for everything - from pointless packaging to throwaway cups. Plentiful exists to help Manchester reach its targets to be plastic free by 2020, and to help people shop with the planet in mind - easily.” 

Abbie added, “I’m extremely passionate about making a positive impact on the natural world, and Plentiful began because I wanted to live zero waste but not have to travel to lots of different shops to do so. Plentiful isn’t only easy - it’s fun and welcoming. A grown up pick’n’mix! I’m amazed at the overwhelming support I’ve had so far - both online and at a small event we had for school children last week. I’m also getting involved with others in a campaign to get Ramsbottom ‘Plastic Free’ status later this year.”

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