Fundraising Campaign Launched After Attack On Jewish Cemetery In Whitefield

A fundraising campaign has been launched after the cemetery on Old Hall Lane was vandalised over the weekend.

Vandals broke into three Chapels at the cemetery on Old Hall Lane on Saturday night and smashed a prominent headstone and windows.

It's thought the cost of repairing all the damage will be around £30,000.

So far the fundraising campaign has raised more than £10,000.

You can donate here.

Police are continuing to investigate what happened and their job has been made harder after the vandals managed to steal the hard drive of the CCTV system at the cemetery.

Local leaders have come together to condemn the attack and have praised the unity of the community.

Bury South MP Ivan Lewis said "I think what's heartening on occasions like this is when people from other faiths speak out very clearly and offer to help.

"We've seen that over the weekend people from Christian faiths and Muslim faiths offering to help and even people of no faith so that is heartwarming"

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