Conservatives Take Power In Bolton

The Conservatives will lead Bolton Council as smaller parties sign an agreement to appoint Cllr David Greenhalgh as council leader.

The 25-point agreement was signed by all parties at the council except for Labour, which is still the largest group.

It means that councillors from the smaller parties will vote for the Conservative councillors David Greenhalgh to become council leader on May 22.

However, these parties are not forming a coalition with the Tories despite an offer from the new ruling group.

Instead, the groups have made commitments and set out their priorities for the council.

The Liberal Democrats, with their six councillors, and UKIP, with their three councillors, have focused on road repairs, openness and transparency in their negotiations.

Meanwhile, hyper local parties in Farnworth, Kearsley, Horwich and Blackrod have assurances that investment in their towns pledged by Labour will continue.

Council-leader-in-waiting David Greenhalgh said: “This a real opportunity to show that Bolton is not a one party town that other parties and voices have a say in how this town is run and operated. The Asons scandal severely rocked the boroughs faith in its own council and its councillors and its time to rebuild trust and confidence. We will take seriously the task in hand and work tirelessly in a collaborative way to try and solve the many challenges the town faces.”

All cabinet positions will be taken by Conservative councillors and are expected to be announced next week.

The Bolton News understands that Labour will be offered the opportunity to chair scrutiny committees together with the other small parties.

Lib Dem leader Roger Hayes said: “Our objective throughout these negotiations has been primarily to protect services for the most vulnerable in our town, whilst delivering a more open, honest and accountable administration.

“During these negotiations we have made the decision not to enter into a formal coalition with either of the two main parties, but will lend our support to the leader of the Conservatives, Cllr David Greenhalgh on May 22 as he looks to form a new stable, cooperative and forward thinking council.”

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