82 Children In Bolton Will Be Homeless This Christmas

The housing charity Shelter have released figures that show Bolton is in the top five in the North West when it comes to homeless children.

 2,684 children in the North West will wake up homeless and in temporary accommodation this Christmas while across Britain, one in every 111 children is currently homeless.
In the last year alone, 61% of the families helped by Shelter's frontline services were homeless or on the brink of losing their home. With at least seven families becoming homeless every day in the North West, the charity is calling on the public to support its urgent Christmas appeal. 
To expose the devastating reality of homelessness, Shelter carried out in-depth interviews with children and their parents living in emergency B&Bs and hostels.

This is widely considered the worst type of temporary accommodation.

The top ten in the North West are:

Local Authority

Number of homeless children, Q2 2017



















Cheshire West and Chester


John Ryan, Shelter Manchester hub manager, said: "It's a national scandal that the number of homeless children in Britain has risen every year for the last decade. No child should have to spend Christmas without a home - let alone more than 2,600 children in the North West. 
"Many of us will spend Christmas day enjoying all of the festive traditions we cherish, but sadly it'll be a different story for those children hidden away in cramped B&Bs or hostel rooms. Imagine living in a noisy strange place full of people you don't know, and waking up exhausted from having no choice but to share a bed with your siblings or parents.
"That's why our frontline advisers will continue to work tirelessly to help more families fighting homelessness. But we can't do this alone. We're asking people to help a homeless family and make giving to Shelter their new Christmas tradition." 

A council spokesman said: “We are committed to tackling all forms of homelessness and this includes making sure everyone in temporary accommodation is getting the support they need.

“We provide a range of temporary accommodation and these figures from Shelter include children who are in accommodation such as a refuge.

“Refuges give women and children fleeing domestic violence a short term, emergency safe place to stay.

“We work very closely with our partners Fortalice in Bolton who provide emergency refuge in Bolton and also a range of support services to assist women and children.”

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