Admin could be the only way out for Bury

Bury FC could go into administration in a supporters bid to save the club.

More than three hundred fans attended a meeting last night at Bury Town Hall hear plan from Supporters Group Forever Bury along with local MP James Frith.

The town club face and uncertain future, under threat of a winding-up petition with another high court hearing later this  month. The club owe millions in debts and have struggled to pay staff and players.

Supporters are now putting into action a plan in order to wrestle control of the club for owner Steve Dale

Dave Giffard for Forever Bury told us "We've got the major creditors working with us now, they're going to to start administration process

There's nothing that can done before the court hearing on the 19th but they will be preparing all the paperwork required to present to the judge" 

Bury North MP James Frith has been working with the group and feels and doesn't feel they can rely anymore on the owner to work in the best interests of the club.

"There no collaboration sadly, Steve has alienated himself for many people at the club including the fans. I'd love to stand corrected and for the owner to see the light.

Frith added, "I'd like him to go on record and make cleared the money for Ryan Lowe as gone. We lost our manager yesterday and our Captain and good people at the club, I understand the money a has been paid, so where has it gone and who's getting paid first"

Steve Dale son Christian told Tower FM "I can confirm that all matters are being dealt with by my Fathers close advisors and ill-advised remarks like those made by attendees at this forum hinder the saving of Bury FC not help as these people would have you think

"We have not received monies yet from the Lawyers for Mr Lowe & Shumachers contracts but when we do it will go to players wages

"For people who understand business they can see that my Father is in the final furlong to save that Club and if we get there it will show all these people for what they are, individuals trying to get there 5 mins of fame and increasing their profile, but as we know that doesn’t save football clubs."

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