Breakfast Headline

Each morning at 6.50am Jon has a Breakfast Headline for you. He'll read out a news headline and you need to fill in the blank with your funny and amusing answers! Your answers are always so much more fun than the actual answer. Here you can see our latest headline...

Fri 26th May > "Q: Pet lovers rejoice after a  __________ for dogs opens in Bury?"

Best answer of the day - "solicitors...NOT been walked in the last 6 hours...6 day ..even 6 months, you could be owed hundreds of bones!!!, come and see Miss K Nine"


Thurs 25th May > "Q: Postman refuses to deliver woman’s post because __________?"

Best answer of the day - "Because she is called Mrs Christmas. Postmen don't deliver at Christmas"


Weds 24th May > "Q: Modern house-hunters refuse to buy a house unless it has   __________?"

Best answer of the day - "voice control everything"


Mon 22nd May > "Q: People outraged after man launches ‘Go Fund Me’ campaign so he can  __________?"

Best answer of the day - "Buy a new suspension for his car that will cope with all the pot holes"