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Guide Dog Attacked in Warrington

Friday, June 29th 2012 07:13

Warrington guide dog owner left shaken after his dog is attacked

Edward Green's guide dog Bradley was attacked by another dog while they were walking home in Warrington.

Edward and Bradley were crossing Evelyn St on their way home from an IT course when a German Shepherd came out of a nearby house and attacked the four-year–old Labrador retriever cross. After several minutes, Edward was able to pick Bradley up and the owner of the attacking dog came out to get it under control. Fortunately, Bradley didn't sustain any injuries, but both he and Edward were left badly shaken.

Bradley and Edward have been inseparable, since 2010. Edward, 27, said: "The dog just came out of nowhere, I didn't know what to do and tried to put myself between the dog and Bradley. I wouldn't have cared if it had bitten me, I was just terrified of what it could do to Bradley. These clever and beautiful dogs do an outstanding job. They are not just working dogs, they are a best friend and a pair of eyes for blind or partially sighted people like me.”

The latest report shows that attacks on guide dogs by other dogs are at an all time high. An average of eight attacks are now reported each month and Guide Dogs is increasingly concerned about these attacks.

Mobility Team Manager for Guide Dogs in Liverpool, Steve Wilson, said: "An attack on a guide dog is a terrifying experience for the dog and its owner. Blind and partially sighted people rely on their guide dogs to get out and about, and these attacks can leave them a virtual prisoner in their own home.

"We want to see the immediate introduction of compulsory microchipping of all dogs in order to encourage responsible dog ownership. Ultimately we want the law changed to enable the authorities to treat an attack on a guide dog and other assistance dogs like an attack on a person, in recognition of the full impact of these attacks.”

Bradley has received veterinary treatment and some retraining from Guide Dogs to help overcome the fear of the street in which the attack happened.

For more on Gudie Dogs' compulsory microchipping campaign visit http://www.guidedogs.org.uk/

1. About The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association:

The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association is a British charitable organisation founded in 1934. Guide Dogs provides independence and freedom to thousands of blind and partially sighted people across the UK through the provision of guide dogs, mobility and other rehabilitation services. It also campaigns passionately for the rights of those with visual impairments. Guide Dogs are working towards a society in which blind and partially sighted people enjoy the same freedom of movement as everyone else.

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