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Founder of Wigan's Pooles Pies was born in LIVERPOOL

Monday, June 11th 2012 14:40

Margaret Poole was born in Liverpool, got married there, and is buried there

Britain’s oldest pie makers are re-writing the history books after they discovered that Liverpool could be the birthplace of the Great British pie.

Although usually associated with Lancashire, Wigan based pie makers, Pooles Pies, have traced the pies roots to Liverpool.

Margaret Poole, who founded Pooles Pies in 1847, was born in the city and ran an empire of successful Wigan-based pie shops from her hometown. Margaret also married in the city, which served as her final resting place.

This year marks Pooles’ 165th anniversary, and to help the company celebrate this milestone in pie making, Pooles are asking the people of Liverpool to get in touch and tell them what they know about Margaret.

Managing director of Pooles Pies, Neil Court-Johnston, said: "As the country’s oldest pie company we have a really interesting tale to tell, not just about our company but also about Liverpool. We’ve already discovered that the pie has a different place of origin to what we had previously thought, so with your help who knows what else we’ll discover?

"We’re particularly interested in finding out about the company between 1881 and 1973, during which period there has been very little information recorded. But we’re also hoping to fill all the gaps in our history and we would love to find some more information and pictures of our founder, Margaret Poole.

"Whatever your story or memory is we’d like to hear from you. The links are so strong we are even considering the possibility of creating a commemorative ‘Scouse Pie’.”

Any contributions will also be displayed at an exhibition detailing the story of Pooles, from its origins through to its modern day pie production.

People should to send their pictures, memories and descriptions of items to neil@poolespiespanel.co.uk.

Pooles was established in 1847 as a local craft bakery, which ultimately became a household name in the North West. Today, it has been transformed into a state of the art 200,000sq ft. plant that could make up to 25,000 pies and pastries an hour.

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